Standalone Access Controller 721EX Model

Capacity:  3,000 cards, 1,400 events,  RS485 serial connection, Includes RS485 converter (with built in static protection), includes enclosure, requires Wiegand interface reader.

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Standalone Access Controller 721V2 Model

Capacity:  16,000 cards, 32,000 events, RS485 serial connection or TCP/IP (network) option, requires Wiegand interface reader, includes enclosure and wire crimp connectors.

How does it work?

Gym Assistant makes sure that the controller always knows whose member cards should be allowed access.  If you change a member’s status in Gym Assistant (by recording a payment or inactivating the member) then the software automatically updates that member’s card status in the controller.  Gym Assistant monitors any door activity to display and record member check-ins as they occur. But if Gym Assistant isn’t running (or the computer is turned off) the controller simply stores the events in its memory.  When you start up the software it automatically downloads and records any events that happened while it was away.


  • Powerful.  Each controller can manage 2 doors independently.
  • Reliable.  Not dependent on real-time computer connection.
  • Secure.  Shut down your computer overnight to keep prying eyes away.
  • Flexible.  Works with any Wiegand interface reader (proximity or barcode).
  • Industry Standard.  Provides standard dry-contact (normally-closed or normally-open)

** Note;  Gym Assistant software v2.6.0 required to successfully operate