Gym Assistant Bluetooth SmartPhone Access lets you provide convenient, secure access to anyone with the Gym Assistant partner Smart app at the click of a button.  Users simply download the app, register, and you can immediately send them Gym Assistant electronic SmartKeys that work on the 24/7 schedule that you designate. 

Gym Assistant software allows you directly manage the Bluetooth SmartPhone Access system. 

Our system uses long-range Bluetooth readers so they can be mounted INSIDE the doorway, out of visual site, away from vandals and the harsh elements. 


Gym Assistant lets you grant and revoke access to anyone, anytime, from anywhere without having to worry about cards, fobs or remembering PIN numbers – your phone does it all.  It works even when networks are unavailable.  Members unlock the access door with a simple press of a button from their phone. 


People may share cards, fobs and PIN numbers, but not their phones, making Gym Assistant Bluetooth SmartPhone Access inherently more secure.  In addition, every Gym Assistant digital SmartKey credential is heavily encrypted and works without connecting to your local network eliminating potential data hacking. 


Whether you are currently operating a Gym Assistant access control system or considering a brand new Gym Assistant solution, we offer the flexibility to operate Bluetooth SmartPhone access at the same time with a Gym Assistant Barcode or Proximity based access control solution.  This allows your business to offer your members a wider range of revenue generating options to gain premium access to your facility.


Gym Assistant Bluetooth SmartPhone Access provides all the benefits of a standalone access control system and costs about the same as an HID proximity-based system. 


In today’s current COVID-19 environment handling cards/fobs or touching keypads or biometrics may be perceived as potential health risks.  Gym Assistant digital SmartKeys are emerging as a safer, more secure and affordable alternative option.


  • Simple and convenient user management 
  • Low-cost installation and credentials 
  • Low power and long read range 30’(10M) 
  • Retain keys on updated devices 
  • No network connection required 
  • No cards/fobs 
  • No PIN numbers 
  • Grant & revoke access 
  • Adjustable reader setting
  • Minimizes physical touch points

Gym Assistant checks if the member:

  • Is an Active Customer
  • Has A Valid ID Card
  • Account Is Past Due

For more general information about our Access control systems, please see our Access Control FAQ.

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