Gym Assistant Membership Management Features

Gym Assistant is an easy-to-use membership management program for small to medium size gyms, health clubs and fitness centers. It automates everyday tasks and provides the features and information you need to operate a successful gym business.

Gym Assistant Software v2.6.0 Features are included in current Gym Assistant Editions. This Features List is intended to give a quick overview of functionality currently available in our software.  Some select features require additional hardware/software to operate with v2.6.0.  Older Gym Assistant Software versions can easily be upgraded, please contact [email protected] or call +1-510-865-1815, Ext 1 for more information about upgrading your Gym Assistant software.

Access Control

  • DoorWatcher – capture a series of photo images during door entrance
    • *Gym Assistant standalone Access Control system upgrade plus additional equipment & license required to operate this feature
  • Supports entrance schedule by membership type, day of week, time and payment grace period
  • Automated SMS notifications for both members & Administrators when door Access is denied – NEW!

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

  • Membership reports, flexible filtering allows you to focus on the information you need
  • Memorize report parameters for later retrieval
  • Journal Summary, see how much you sold today
  • Attendance summary, detail and analysis, show which hours of the day require the most staff
  • Revenue analysis and projections, show month -to-month trends
  • Occupancy Monitor / Check-in & Check-out
  • Birthday Reports
  • Learn more

Forms and Letters

  • eSignatures
  • Sample letter & e-mail templates
  • Letter wizard with key insert fields for easy set-up
  • Send batch e-mails
  • Print mailing labels
  • Mail merge
  • Learn more

Front Desk Check-in

  • Unattended automated check-in, members can check-in without interrupting your work
  • Supports barcode key tags, select proximity key cards/fobs, Bluetooth digital SmartKeys or numeric keypad
  • Both onscreen and audible alerts indicate member status at check-in
  • Unlimited notes for each member record
  • Member measurement tracking, automatic update measurement reminders
  • Offer a variety of member plans–Membership Plan, Punch-card Plan, Day-Pass Plan. Family memberships can be linked together so that all billing is charged to one family member
  • Flexible billing options: Paid-In-Full (PIF), ACH/EFT or credit card
  • Waiver Tracking
  • Learn more

Gym Assistant Database

  • Scalable capacity up to 32,000 member records
  • Upgrade to add additional membership records
  • Networkable – up to 10 workstations
  • Password protection

SMS Notifications

  • Door Access denied (both to member & admin) – NEW!
  • Payments – NEW!
    • Recurring monthly payment pending (before due date)
    • Non-Recurring monthly payment pending (before due date)
    • Recurring monthly payment received
    • Recurring monthly credit card payment rejected

Billing and Payments

  • Integrated payment processing
  • AutoBilll – NEW! Automated Billing Feature now available in v2.6.0 only (note:  Recurring integrated Billing has always been available)
  • Submit ACH/EFT charges today, and funds can clear within 48 hours.
  • Submit recurring monthly card charges as a batch.
  • Submit swiped credit card charges, get authorization in seconds.
  • Freeze / Unfreeze recurring monthly billing
  • Online Member Portal (Service Add-on – requires integrated Billing)
    • New member sign-up (online)
    • Member payments & updates (online)


Now Available!

MemberConnect has arrived – current Gym Assistant v2.6.0 Customers already operating the online Member Portal feature have access to these new digital services.

A Member Mobile App Solution from Gym Assistant (*available only in Canada and USA*)

Integrated with Gym Assistant software (v2.6.0) a member Mobile App solution with initial features that include:

  • In-App Chat & Announcements
  • SMS & MMS messaging that include two-2 way conversations
  • Member Payments
  • Activity History for members
  • Billing History & Invoice statements for members
  • Profile Updates for members
  • Refer-a-Friend

For more information, requirements and pricing please visit click here.


System Requirements:

Windows 10 or Windows 11
40 MB free disk space
Software only users:  Recommend PC with 4GB RAM Minimum
Software + Access Control or Network License users:  Recommend PC with 8GB RAM Minimum