MagLock FAQ

What is a MagLock?

You will find a good overview of maglock systems on Wikipedia at:

Where should I purchase a maglock system?

We recommend that you purchase your lock system from a local locksmith if possible.

If you cannot buy the hardware locally then we recommend They have an excellent selection of quality hardware and are always there to answer the phone if you have any questions before purchase or during installation.

How much will it cost?

You should expect to pay about $500 for the complete lock system.

What parts do I need?

The minimum you need is the lock, power supply and a request-to-exit button. The request-to-exit button unlocks the door for exit, but most local fire codes require at least 2 methods to unlock the door.

There are a few components that are required for a magnetic lock installation:

  • Select a Magnetic Lock. You should choose a lock strength (600-1500lbs) appropriate for your door.
  • Add a Power Supply with Battery Backup. The battery backup is critical to ensure that your door stays locked if the power goes out.
  • Add an Exit Bar, which will unlock the door with light pressure.
  • Add a Request-to-Exit Button, which will unlock the door when pushed.
  • Add an optional Motion Sensor, which will unlock the door automatically when someone approaches the door from inside.
  • Add a Relay Timer to keep the door unlocked for a specific time period, to allow for the delay between when a person presses the Request-to-Exit button and when they push open the door.

Check out for a complete Maglock package configured specifically to work with Gym Assistant.

What if I have questions?

If you have any questions about what maglock hardware would be most appropriate for your facility please contact at 866-500-5625.

If you have any questions about how to configure Gym Assistant to work with your maglock, please call us toll-free at 1-877-496-2778, ext 1.